• New Year's Eve VIP Information / Order Form

    At Solas, we offer a complete VIP experience that no other place in Raleigh has to offer. From your arrival, you and your guests are given the VIP treatment that only Solas can provide. You and each member of your party are not only given exclusive entrance to the venue by bypassing any and all lines of front, but a waived cover charge for the evening.

    Each VIP area comes with a private bar as well as the services of our private bartenders, at no additional charge. This unique service will not only provide you with your own table-side bar, but will also present you with a lengthy list of premium liquors and mixers to choose from. Your table-side bar reservation allows you to start your bar with bottles of liquor to meet the preferences of yourself and your guests as well as up to four choices of mixers, including soda or various juices (Red Bull and Sugar Free Red Bull also available). Your personal bartender will accommodate you throughout the entirety of your stay. From pouring your drinks, to clearing your place after a quick bite to eat, your bartender will be at your every beck and call.

    Our Private VIP Lounge can provide the ultimate in exclusivity for your group. Each side seats up to 15 guests (including the host) and can be reserved (1 left Inquire for Price). The Second Floor Lounge at Solas is where you will find our glass bottom dance floor, and be entertained by DJ’s from all over the country.

    Aside from a stunning view of Glenwood South, our Rooftop offers plush private Cabanas. If you prefer to relax and socialize with friends or colleagues rather than dancing the night away in the Lounge, this is the setting for you. The Cabanas can accommodate 10 guests (including the host of the party) and can be reserved for a $1000.00 minimum to be spent.

    Each reservation is secured via contract (credit card number and expiration date required) and can be booked by contacting the VIP Host for Solas Raleigh. If you have any further questions, or to make a reservation, please feel free to contact the VIP Host by phone at (919) 755-0755 ext 1 or via email at VIPhost@solasraleigh.com.

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  • VIP Service Agreement

    The undersigned hereby agrees to fulfill the food and beverage minimum requirement in order to secure reservation for VIP Cabana/Couch/Booth/Private Room from 9pm December 31st, 2016 to 2:00am January 1st, 2017 requested for up to predetermined guests as detailed by Solas Entertainment and Hibernian Management Company, Inc. In addition, the client agrees to the below stated terms and conditions.

    As in any nightclub establishment, dress codes are set in place to ensure the desired environment is achieved for the most enjoyable experience for the customer. Solas Dine Lounge and Roof reserves the right for guests to adhere to an upscale dress policy at all times. Solas will not admit any sports or jersey wear, baggy jeans (dress jeans accepted), T-shirts, tank tops, baseball caps (male or female), sneakers, flip flops, chains, pendants, or shorts. Solas will also not allow sunglasses worn in the building during nightlife hours. Solas will also not allow any boots especially work boots. Solas reserves the right to deny entry based on improper dress attire. All final dress code decisions are up to the discretion of the Solas Management and Staff. Please inform your guests of our dress code to prevent any guests in your party from getting turned away for inappropriate attire. If your guests violate our dress code and are turned away at the door, your party will still be required to pay for the contracted minimum.